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Discover our selection of high quality gluten-free deli meats. All our products are raised in an environmentally friendly manner without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Our charcuterie is lightly smoked with natural wood chips for an authentic taste, and is guaranteed to be lactose-free, without added nitrates or phosphates.  




Smoked bacon
Beef jerky
Half natural ham
Hungarian salami
Alpine Tiroler
Smoked bacon

Our selection of gluten-free deli meats from Quebec

Our gluten-free deli meats are available in a variety of flavors and cuts to suit all tastes and cravings. Enjoy our gluten-free ham, salami or bacon, all prepared with care in our Huntingdon, Quebec facility. Our gluten-free deli meats are perfect for a quick snack or to add flavor to your sandwiches, pizzas or pasta dishes. 

Discover also our meat special this week to accompany your gluten-free cold cuts!

Gluten-free deli meats delivered in Quebec

Order our gluten-free deli meats online and take advantage of home delivery or point-of-sale pickup. We deliver anywhere in Quebec so you can enjoy our natural, artisanal deli meats in the comfort of your home. Visit our delivery page for more information on our delivery options. Try our gluten-free deli meats now and enjoy the difference of a superior quality natural artisanal deli meat!