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Our free-range chickens go outside to peck and roam freely. Our local farms raise a maximum of 99 hens for their eggs.
The chickens have plenty of room to move around, several nests to lay their eggs, heating in the winter and good ventilation in the summer. We visit the farmers regularly to ensure the quality of the eggs and the animal welfare!





Valens Farms' eggs come entirely from free-range hens. We have our own sorting center to grade and package the eggs ourselves. This way, we have complete control over the handling of the eggs and we can guarantee you quality eggs that provide all the essential proteins and nutrients when consumed. Our product line includes organic eggs from hens that are provided with a large habitat and outdoor access whenever the weather permits. They are also fed a vegetable diet composed of grains, vitamins and minerals certified organic and therefore derived from an agriculture without pesticides and without genetically modified organisms.

Free-range eggs

Our hens enjoy a life of freedom. They can move around as they please in our large henhouse, and enjoy the outdoors on nice days. Our free-range organic chickens also have several nests to lay their eggs at their own pace. We provide heating in the winter and good ventilation in the summer to provide all the right conditions for quality eggs. We offer several sizes of eggs according to your tastes. We regularly visit the farmers in order to respect all our criteria of animal welfare.

What is the difference between FREE RANGE and FREE RUN eggs?

Free Run eggs are produced from hens that live freely in an open henhouse. This breeding facility offers access to several nests and perches, some of which can be equipped with multi-level aviaries. The hens are therefore free inside and are not kept in cages. 

At Valens Farms, our free-range hens are categorized as "Free Range": they too have a free-range life in a large, dedicated habitat, but they also have access to the outdoors when the weather permits, to graze as they please.