Organic chicken

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Our organic poultry are raised without antibiotics. They live in freedom and have all the space they need to move freely. This makes the meat of our organic chickens firmer and less fatty, and therefore more nutritious and tasty. 

All our meats are freshly sealed and then frozen to allow you to keep them longer, while keeping all the nutritional value. We make it a point of honor to respect the cold chain thanks to our refrigerated vehicles.

Producer of organic chicken

With Ecocert Canada's organic certification, the most recognized in the consumer egg industry, our organic chickens are rigorously raised according to the strict criteria of organic agriculture. The organic chickens benefit from natural lighting and access to the outdoors in order to reproduce their natural environment. Their feed is composed exclusively of organic vegetable grain that contains no pesticides or genetically modified organisms. The breeding of our chickens allows the respect of the traditional values linked to agriculture, and participates in the maintenance of our ecosystem. 

Valens Farms also ensures that the rules for the transport and slaughter of chickens are scrupulously respected. 

It is all these commitments that make for tasty poultry and healthy meals, and that make all the difference with battery-farmed chickens.