Sliced turkey breast


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1374869 - Sliced turkey breast

Naturally raised turkey without antibiotics.


approx. 160g-200g per pack


The sliced turkey breast comes from naturally raised turkeys on our farms.

The turkeys are fed a healthy, natural diet of grain grown directly on our land.

At Les Fermes Valens, our breeders take care of the animals' well-being, which is why the turkeys are raised naturally without antibiotics.

The roasted turkey breast is prepared in our workshops. Our teams smoke the meat delicately using wood smoke.

The meat is guaranteed gluten-free and is then sliced.

Sliced turkey breast can easily be made into sandwiches, rolls with toppings, or simply as an ingredient in your home-made pizza.

The turkey and vegetable wrap will be your ally for family picnics and will charm your guests during an aperitif.


  1. Wash the raw vegetables, cut the tomatoes and cucumbers into cubes.
  2. Take 6 whole-wheat tortillas and spread the spreadable cheese over the whole surface (about 180g, don't hesitate to vary the flavours according to your taste: plain, with herbs, with pepper, with nuts, etc.).
  3. Then place a slice of turkey breast, lettuce (either a whole leaf or cut into small pieces for ease) and some diced tomatoes and cucumber.
  4. Close the wrap as follows:
  • Fold both sides towards the centre of the wrap
  • Take the bottom part of the wrap and roll it up. The result is a wrap rolled up like an egg roll, with both ends closed.
  • Cut diagonally in half and prick it with a toothpick to hold it in place.


Let yourself be tempted by its freshness!


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