Monthly Specials




Valens Farms monthly specials

Valens Farms is committed to combining quality and accessibility: you deserve quality food without sacrificing your budget. This is why we offer monthly specials at attractive prices. You can take advantage of very interesting discounts on our regular prices and make significant savings! There is something for everyone. Red meat lover? Our beef category will satisfy you. Are you gluten intolerant? No problem, we offer you gluten free sausages so that you don't miss out on what you like. 

Quality meat at reduced prices

Enjoy unbeatable discounts on quality meat! Our ground beef special is an exclusive product that will delight your taste buds. Simply spiced up or added to a recipe, you will always find its delicious taste. If you are planning a barbecue with friends, don't hesitate to discover our selection of chicken in special: a rich and low-calorie meat that will delight young and old alike. For fish lovers, we also offer specials in our fish category: you can enjoy a delicious wild salmon fillet to cook in the oven. Simple, but authentic taste at a low price!