Special - 3 Packs of Mild Italian Sausages

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Why choose our Italian Sausages on Special?

Take advantage of our offer on mild Italian sausages, currently on special promotion. Our sausages, renowned for their rich, authentic taste, are prepared according to traditional Italian recipes, using top-quality ingredients and carefully selected spices.

Our mild Italian sausages are made from responsibly raised, antibiotic-free pork, ensuring a superior-quality finished product. They are gluten-free, lactose-free and contain no added nitrates or phosphates:

  • Authentic taste: Each sausage is a taste journey to Italy, thanks to the perfect balance of spices and herbs.
  • Culinary potential: Whether grilled, simmered in your sauces, or incorporated into your pasta dishes, our mild Italian sausages add a savory dimension to your meals.
  • Commitment to quality: We are committed to supplying only the best sausages, made using traditional methods, without unnecessary additives.

Package approx. 245g-305g.

Special price: $16.50 for 3 packs.

Regular price: $7.03/unit.


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Recipe Ideas with Sweet Italian Sausages

Unleash your culinary creativity with our mild Italian sausages. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Pasta with Italian sausage: Add to a homemade tomato sauce for a comforting pasta dish.
  • Grilled Italian sausages: Perfect for a barbecue, served with grilled vegetables and a good mustard.

Grab Our Offer on Mild Italian Sausages

Our promotion on mild Italian sausages is an opportunity not to be missed by lovers of Italian cuisine and authentic flavors. Order online to take advantage of this special offer and enrich your meals with the best of Italian sausages, direct from Valens Farms to your table.

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Customer Reviews

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mild italian sausages

Great for breakfast, sandwiches, and dinners

saucisses italiennes douces

J'aime bien toute les trios que vous offrez. Cela nous permet d'économiser et cela est grandement apprécié. Je congèle les en grande partie les saucisses afin de faire des repas par la suite.
Riz au légumes avec saucisses en morceaux, hot dog, etc...

Tellement bonne !

Bonne, goûteuse et SANS GLUTEN ! Enfin on peut manger un repas en famille simple sans se casser al tête avec la la contamination croisée avec min conjoint cœliaque et mes filles qui n’aiment pas la rare saucisse sans gluten de l’epicerie.

Helene Belanger
saucisses italiennes douces

douce à souhait et délicieuses dans un gros croissant de l’Amour du Pain -
notre choix C économie locale assurée par nos fidèles producteurs