Organic Quebec certifications

Certified organic meats 

We are proud to carry out an organic agriculture to offer you every day high quality organic products directly from the farm. Beef, chicken, poultry, veal, our meats are certified organic. We promote the health and well-being of our animals throughout their lives: our cattle roam freely in the pastures in the summer and are fed on grass or hay harvested during the winter season. As for our poultry, they are fed a seed-based diet (called feed) and live in a large henhouse that allows them to move around as they please. They have access to the outdoors, which allows them to be guaranteed Free Range. Thanks to this natural diet and the free-range living conditions of our animals, we can offer you a wide range of products and guarantee you quality meat directly from our Quebec farms, so that we can always be close to you. We are committed to bringing you the best possible certified organic meat, with respect for the animal and the cycle of nature. 


Quebec Organic Certifications


Quebec Organic Certifications

Valens Farms is proud to hold the Organic Certifications Ecocert Canada for eggs, and Pro-Cert for meats. We do our utmost to contribute every day to the respect of biodiversity, the environment, and animal welfare. The organic certification organizations guarantee that Valens Farms offers you meat that is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, growth hormones and antibiotics. We can thus offer you a range of high quality meats while respecting the animal's diet, its habitat and its needs as closely as possible to its natural instincts.



What is organic certification? 

It is a certificate that proves the respect of all the rules of a 100% organic agriculture: no use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO, growth hormones, antibiotics. The conditions for obtaining this certification are strict and also apply to animal welfare. Find all our commitments to the animal cause on our page dedicated to the well-being of our animals.


Quebec Organic Certification


Why eat organic ? 

Eating organic means eating better. When you eat 100% organic meat from Valens Farms, you protect your health. You know that you are eating healthy and ethically. From the breeding to the plate, everything is done to bring you all the nutritional benefits of a high quality meat, in the most complete respect of the animal in its health and its daily life, from its food to its transport, and of course its environment. Organic food is richer in nutrients (vitamins, minerals). Without chemical treatment, they are also more concentrated in antioxidants, which allows your body to receive natural nutritional contributions. Our organic meat protects you from the various toxins present in non-organic agriculture, and reduces the risk of developing serious diseases. As our motto says: "The future belongs to those who eat better"! 

Where can I find certified organic meat in Quebec?

Nowadays, many people claim to be "organic" without fully respecting all the conditions required for such a status. Our organic certification guarantees you an organic meat, as close as possible to your values, here in Quebec. Do not hesitate to store to discover all the virtues of organic agriculture of our Valens Farms! You can also benefit from a home delivery to receive your package of certified organic meat, anywhere in Quebec. And above all, don't hesitate to come and visit us directly, we will be happy to meet you!