Tullochgorum, Organic midnight special popcorn


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In 1997, a passion for popcorn led Loraine and Steve Lalonde to produce popcorn on their certified organic farm in Ormstown, Quebec. After years of experimenting with different varieties and production techniques, they came up with their "Tullochgorum Blues" and "White Lightning", products that have won over popcorn lovers.



Although the kernels are blue-purple, the Tullochgorum Blues are bright white when popped. It is delicate, crisp and has a slight nutty flavour.

"White Lightning" is a white, shuckless variety that produces a more compact, very white, crisp popcorn with an almost creamy texture.

"Tullochgorum Blues and White Lightning are very different from the more familiar yellow popcorn, but what a difference. It is far from being microwave popcorn.