Organic beef entrecote steak


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8114195 - Organic Beef Steak

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Beef rib steak comes from the front of the animal, especially near the sides. It is considered to be one of the five most tender cuts of beef, offering a pronounced beef flavour. When the bone is removed from the cut, the result is the rib-eye steak, also known as ribeye.

The protection of the environment, the maintenance of biodiversity and the respect of natural cycles are central to organic farming. By providing organic certification to its beef and agriculture, Valens Farms provides quality meat while respecting the environment around it.

By producing organic agriculture, Valens Farms contributes to the improvement of the fertility and quality of the soil while promoting animal health and welfare. It is worth remembering that organic farming prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, GMO, as well as growth hormones and antibiotics.

Les Fermes Valens raises its herds of cattle with organic food production on its land and by implementing the necessary measures to improve biodiversity.

A palm-sized portion of beef is a source of protein and provides the recommended amount of vitamin B12. Beef also contains the iron necessary for the body to function properly and helps to combat the risk of anaemia.

Accompanied by a homemade béarnaise or tartar sauce, the beef steak will delight your taste buds. Purists will appreciate a simple pinch of fleur de sel with a touch of pepper.

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Helen melissaratos
Bifteck d'entrecôte de boeuf Biologique


Dwane Dixon
Best Ribeye Steak ever!

Consistently high standards! Taste, color, texture and fat marbling all 10/10!