Special - 10 units of natural lean ground beef (375g)

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Prix régulier de 7,49$/paquet de 375g

10 units of about 375g each.

Vendu congelé sous vide.

Le prix régulier est calculé sur 3,75kg.

Maximum of 3 per order.

Valens Farms' beef is raised on conventionally grown forages and grains. Valens Farms can therefore guarantee you a hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat from Quebec that respects animal welfare.

How do I defrost lean ground beef?

You can let the thaw the beef in the refrigerator, or soak it in water for faster thawing.All our meats are sold frozen. Freezing allows our beef to retain all its nutritional value.

How to cook natural ground beef?

You can cook the lean ground beef in a non-stick pan over medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes. While it is cooking, shred it. Drain the meat and season to taste. Follow our Quebec recipe for more deliciousness!

How long can I keep lean ground beef? 

Your order of natural lean ground beef is vacuum packed fresh before being frozen. You can keep it for up to one year in the freezer. Once thawed, it is best to consume the meat within 3 to 5 days.

Recipe idea with natural lean ground beef: 

Ground Beef Chiaule

  • 454 grams of lean ground beef

  • 1 small onion finely chopped + 2 large onions sliced

  • 4 potatoes cut into slices 

  • 150 grams of diced organic carrots

  • salt and pepper 

For the tomato sauce:

  1. Preheat oven to 375°F. In a bowl, combine soup and tomato coulis. Set aside. In a skillet, cook beef and small onion.

  2. In the bottom of an ovenproof dish, place a little tomato sauce, enough to cover the bottom. Add potato slices, onion slices, carrot cubes and carrot cubes and a little ground beef. Drizzle with tomato sauce.

  3. Repeat until all ingredients are used up.

  4. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 1 1/2 hours, until potatoes are cooked.

  5. Remove paper and cook for another 10 minutes. 

  6. Serve with a salad and its Dijon marinade and maple vinaigretteaccompanied by crusty bread.

Payment information:

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Customer Reviews

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Martine Globensky
Natural ground beef

Very good meat, in large quantities is cheaper than the grocery store which is very poor quality.
My visit does not return as it is good!

Carole Pelletier
Natural beef

Still delicious, nothing like grocery store ground beef

céline Hamel

All their products are of excellent quality! Incomparable with super markets.

Olga Fedorets

Very good quality

Julie Chevalier
Excellent quality!

Very nice meat!