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3 dozen large organic eggs for $19.50 instead of Reg. $7.39 /dz 

Discover our dozens of large organic eggs on special

Don't miss our special offer on organic eggs. You can get three dozen large, high-quality organic eggs for one low price. We produce eggs from free-range hens fed on certified organic, pesticide-free grains, vitamins and minerals. With the organic label, you can be sure of the quality and freshness of your eggs.

At Valens Farms, we raise our hens in freedom, providing them with a comfortable, natural environment in which to produce top-quality organic eggs. The eggs are graded and packed just 10 km from the farm. 

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Recipe idea using large organic eggs

Eggs are commonly eaten as omelettes, scrambled, hard-boiled or boiled eggs. We share with you a recipe for a mimosa egg tartine that will accompany your breakfasts or brunches:

  1. Cook 4 eggs for 9 minutes in boiling water to obtain hard-boiled eggs.
  2. Preparation of the sandwiches: peel the hard-boiled eggs in water to avoid damaging them. Cut them in half and in four lengthways. Chop the eggs. Place in a bowl, season with a dash of olive oil and pepper. Mix well.
  3. Mix a can of tuna in oil and a can of fromage frais, add ½ lemon juice and a pinch of Espelette pepper.
  4. Cut a few gherkins in half and then in four and in small cubes and mix them with the tuna and cream cheese mixture.
  5. There are 2 ready-made preparations: Mimosa eggs and fromage frais/thon
  6. Toast 4 slices of bread and in the meantime, chop some chives and pour them into the eggs.
  7. Take the 2 preparations. Place the tuna and fromage frais mixture on the toasted bread, spread it out, then the mimosa egg mixture, a sprig of chives and a lemon peel.


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Dwane Dixon
Excellent eggs! Top notch!

Delicious and consistent. 100%


Excellent and fresh, unbeatable price.

Organic egg

Excellent taste, and freshness undeniable, but there were 5 broken, the transport probably

Trio of dozens of eggs

This gives me the opportunity to make several quiches that I freeze afterwards. So meals in advance.

Pauline Gervais
Organic eggs

I love it!