Wiener sausage


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5 per pack of about 195g-245g.

No added nitrates or phosphates.


Ingredients: Pork, sugar (dextrose), sea salt, vinegar, spices, celery culture extract

Allergens: Mustards

The Wiener sausage is based on a German recipe developed in our own workshop by our chef Markus. Our Austrian-born chef uses his know-how to develop authentic European products.

The classic is made from farm-raised pork and a mixture of spices, celery culture extract, sea salt and vinegar. It is guaranteed 100% gluten-free, lactose-free and no nitrates or phosphates are added during the production process.

Pig farmers have adopted farming methods that provide consumers with lean, nutritious and safe meat. The animals are therefore fed all-natural products such as cereals and vitamin and mineral supplements.

In addition, no growth hormones or drugs are used in pig farming.

Since slow-smoked sausages are pre-cooked, they do not need to be cooked for a long time and only need to be heated. You can prepare them in the oven, in the pan or on the barbecue. Just a few minutes of cooking will awaken their taste.

A healthy choice for a hot dog!